Charly Zenger

Diamonds and precious stones of rare beauty come together to give light to uniquely designed jewellery, icons of luxurious elegance that glow with an unparalleled intensity of colour.

Luxurious elegance and unique design since 1944

Since 1944, Charly Zenger has been telling a story of excellence and tradition, an expression of the finest art of jewellery making and watchmaking. Diamonds and precious gems of exceptional beauty are selected, combined and processed by our Gemmological Centre: the result is jewellery of unique and timeless design, icons of luxurious elegance that shine with unparalleled intensity of colour and brilliance. In the boutiques in Ascona and Lugano, one enters a world of craftsmanship and attention to detail, passion and design customised to the customer's wishes.


Precious gems, diamonds and gold come together in a dance of light to create unique rings that hold the promise of eternal love.


Stones become the protagonists of a precious weave of light, delicate patterns and harmonious curves. A refined alchemy that pays tribute to the beauty and sensuality of every woman.


Sophisticated and timeless, Charly Zenger bracelets accompany gestures with grace and elegance, illuminating life's precious moments.


With their refined composition of diamonds, coloured gemstones and gold, our earrings are an expression of eternal charm that illuminates every woman's face.

Tailor-made emotions

Diamonds and gemstones of exceptional beauty are selected, combined and processed by our Gemmological Centre to create jewellery of unique and exclusive design, tailored to your wishes. Upon request, we can meet your every need in terms of diamonds and coloured gemstones, number of carats, cut and clarity grade of the stone.

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