FOPE is a jewelry brand from Vicenza, a historic brand that for almost a century has been synonymous with excellence Made in Italy.

Anywhere, anytime

FOPE is an international jewelry brand from Italy. It was founded in 1929 in Vicenza, where it still produces its jewelry today. The design of all collections has always had a strong, distinctive character derived from the original Novecento chain mesh: an elegant, timeless classic. In 2007, the introduction of the patented Flex'it system introduced a unique and inimitable concept that drove the brand's steady growth. All jewelry is available exclusively in 18 carat gold in pink, yellow or white.


Reprising a FOPE design classic in the lightest and slimmest gold mesh of FOPE’s entire range, Aria is especially light to wear. Like a breath of fresh Spring air, the simplicity and versatility of this collection appeals to younger generations.

Bubble Rings

Translucent light and endless nuances, gold and precious stones: Bubble Rings are an explosion of joy and good cheer. FOPE has imagined the jewels as a shower of precious stones raining down on one another, encased in the Novecento mesh. Exuding pure fun, these highly valuable pieces are born from the union of sophisticated techniques, master craftsmanship and love for jewellery. Made in Italy but dedicated to women all around the world, the Bubble Rings capsule collection is inspired by carefree joy. Because life should be taken with a pinch of humour, and sometimes a lighter touch. As light as a feather.


In Sanskrit, Eka means one, and has been so named as the first collection that launched Flex’it technology, and a new way of wearing gold jewellery. This collection is the boldest and most eclectic with a mesh of intertwining gold elements.


The Essentials line is characterized both by elegance and versatility, with the innovative sleek Flex’it mesh offering great comfort and unbeatable style.


The Luna collection incorporates the latest evolution of Flex’it technology and is characterised by the perfect blend of a quadrilateral gold mesh and the circular shape of the jewellery, symbolising perfection and eternity.


For the Panorama collection, the iconic oval Novecento mesh is wider but is so slim that it looks almost flat. Flex’it Panorama bracelets and rings offer a new feeling of comfort, like a soft ribbon caressing your skin, making each day extraordinary.


The soft and flexible weave of the gold round Novecento mesh is in a light and relaxed form within the Prima collection. Prima bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings can be worn on their own or matched with more important pieces from other collections.


In the Solo collection, the precious weave of a medium Novecento mesh creates a sparkling display. The flexible necklace features a D-click diamond clasp.


Souls is a ring collection that celebrates love in all its forms: the bond between two kindred spirits. Each 18ct gold Flex’it ring is set with a single precious stone containing a specific meaning: a white diamond symbolises eternity, a black diamond distinction, an emerald rebirth, a ruby passion and a blue sapphire wisdom, while a pink sapphire represents forgiveness.

Super Eka

Designed and made in Italy like all FOPE’s creations, the Super Eka capsule collection is a sophisticated take on the first design that has featured the Flex’it system, FOPE’s best-selling Eka.

Its name already sets the mood for the opulence of the diamonds which are pave set on larger sections of the white gold mesh. The beautifully sparkling suite is perfect for making a statement with the bolder gold necklace, bracelet and earrings specifically created with high-end occasions in mind. The individual jewels, some styles in particular, are suitable for wearing with effortless elegance every day.


An oval-shaped reinterpretation of the Novecento mesh offers a classic and refined style, reminiscent of Parisian elegance. The Art-Deco inspired Vendôme collection evokes the French capital’s sumptuous square of the same name and features princess and baguette cut precious gemstones set within bracelets, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks.

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